10 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Virginia

The State of Virginia is located in the Appalachian Mountains region. This region has historical landmarks like Monticello and the...

The State of Virginia is located in the Appalachian Mountains region. This region has historical landmarks like Monticello and the Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown settlement—living history museums that modernize Revolutionary and Colonial-era life. Another outstanding importance attached to Virginia is the superb biking features of its Appalachian ridges. If you dream of rolling down your fat tires on rocky ridges and racing through fascinating pinewoods, then you may find the Appalachian of Virginia irresistible. You can even experience the dash through a trail-laden path in its local vicinity.Besides, who wouldn't want to enjoy the best biking experience? The State of Virginia provides some of the best mountain bike resources, where you can select from many places to ride. You can utilize remote trails that take you to ride through the very best of nature's forest. While you find your way through most of these thrilling scenic mountains and tall trees, you will perhaps experience the appealing view of the nearby neighborhood from your adventurous height. These heights can be as high as 5000 feet, and they will help you enjoy the ecstasy that this Mountainous region gives.Irrespective of your biking level, you will always find the best mountain biking trails. Explore our 10 best mountain biking trails in the State of Virginia below.

1. Mount Rogers High Country

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Mount Rogers High Country

©Peaks & Paths[/caption]One of the amazing features of the Mount Rogers High Country Biking Trails is the company of equestrians and hikers you'll enjoy as you journey along the trails. You will be camping in the rustic and calming national forest facility of the Groundstone Campground, which is just at the base of the Mount Rogers High Country Trails. This campground is one of the best campgrounds in the Virginia region, providing you with the luxury of flush toilets, reservable campsites, and hot showers. You can enjoy a great summertime in this campground after your rousing biking experience.As you ride along, you'll discover that Mount Rogers High County is the loftiest biking mountain in the Virginia region, rising above 3000 feet from the campground. The famous Mount Rogers High Country has elegant and firmly arrayed rock ridges blended with windswept fields that serve as a roaming range for ponies. As you trail along, you should be careful of the adjacent Appalachian Trail. However, you can quickly adjust to the biker-friendly path, which can land you in the adjacent Grayson Highlands State Park.After your whole biking experience, you can always resort to the nearby Casey's in Marion to enjoy a sumptuous dinner served in a typical home-style atmosphere.

2. Candler Mountain (Liberty Mountain)

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Candler Mountain (Liberty Mountain)

©Single Tracks[/caption]The Candler Mountain biking trail is part of Liberty University. The notable feature you will enjoy as you ride along is the major gazes of locals and students. This massive trailing system gives you the confidence that you are not alone on your journey. Another prominent feature of this biking trail is its over 50 miles of double-track and single-track trails.The Candler Mountain biking trail is as high as 1300 feet and stretches out on over 5000 acres of mountainside land. Its steeped edges will give you energized pedaling while you enjoy the company of hikers, runners, and bikers along the way. You can always resort to the nearby Johnny's Grill to have a chew of tasty and delicious food after the end of your trailing adventure.

3. Douthat State Park

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Douthat State Park

©Singletracks[/caption]The Douthat State Park boasts a few vacationer sites such as aquatic places, other waterfalls, and lakes. You will relish its open mountainous ridges, which extend over 40 miles along the trailing path. More interesting is the campground shelter of Douthat Park. You can choose from three of these non-equestrian campgrounds — they give you access to electricity and water. You can also enjoy the satisfaction that comes with cool showers after your post-ride experience.More importantly, the staff at Douthat State Park is always ready to help you select the best trail path that can suit your preferences based on your ability and desires. Moreover, there are several trails you can choose from; this gives you the best experience, especially if you are an experienced biker. You do not have to go along a trail twice, though some are steep and challenging.The Middle Mountain Trail of Douthat State Park leads to the Jefferson National Forest through many additional courses. Ensure to take a little care while going downhill on the several steep trails because you may have difficulty climbing or a fast-paced downhill dash. Be aware that the rockiness of this trailing path may take over your hand-control. You can enjoy the best of foods at the State Park restaurant after your biking activities. When you eat outside the restaurant, you can enjoy the picturesque view of the trail-laced mountain.

4. Massanutten Mountain Bike Park

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Massanutten Mountain Bike Park

©massresort.com[/caption]The Massanutten Mountain Bike Park uses a special lift to help bikers get up the mountain from where they can bike downward the steep rocky ridges. The mountain biking trails extend over 30 miles and are also accessible by ski lifts. Whether you are a newbie or a professional biker, you will experience one of the most exciting biking trails in Virginia’s Massanutten Mountain Bike Park.Besides the ski lift trails where you are lifted to start your dash downward the mountain, the Massanutten Mountain Bike Park provides you with the Western Slope Trails, which do not require any special lifting. The Western Slope Trials comprise different blends of trial paths that have been marked and maintained by the Park authority. These paths allow you to learn and adjust your riding difficulty. It also connects to the famous George Washington National Forest.The Virginia BBQ and Pizza Company is located at the on-site Massanutten Resort. You can relax here for a sumptuous and well-made barbeque with a bottle of cold beverage drink after your biking experience.

5. Pocahontas State Park

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Pocahontas State Park

©Virginia Bicycling Federation[/caption]The most fantastic feature of the Pocahontas State Park is the machine-enabled flow trails, which were constructed using the latest technology. Before beginning your biking journey on the trails, you can use the campgrounds located in a woody environment within the park. These campgrounds have a supply of hot showers, water, and electricity, all found among three loops upon which the campgrounds are positioned. Bikers who come during the warm season can always enjoy the convenience of the camp store.There's a 25-mile biking rail on one part of the Pocahontas State Park, which monitors anyone on two wheels. This machine-enabled trail's outstanding feature is its integrated trail systems, which have a get-around and in-built option. Young mountain bikers can make use of the shorter loops, which have narrow stretches and threads. Other cyclists can enjoy tougher loop features but must be careful not to get skinned up as they cross the skinny.After the ride, you can visit the Steam Bell Beer Works near Pocahontas State Park in Midlothian. This place offers you a range of seasonal beers.

6. Coal Canyon Spearhead Trails

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Coal Canyon Spearhead Trails

©virginia.org[/caption]Many OHVs, hikers, and bikers love the Coal Canyon Spearhead Trails of Southwest Virginia because of its interconnected network of paths that highlight several hollows and overlook. These paths transverse into lands of woods and meadows, giving you one of the best natural and mountainous biking experience.Most bikers quickly adapt to the Coal Canyon Spearhead Trails due to its double-track system than most other Spearhead Trails. Bikers who especially love to relish the experience of getting their feet wet during the biking action will love the Coal Canyon Spearhead Trail.Besides the highlighted 12-mile John Blair Trail, there is an additional 30-mile trail scheme of the Stone Mountain Trails — a primary path in the Coal Canyon Spearhead Trail system. This 30-mile trail has features such as rivers, overlooks, caves, and puzzling ascents and descents for professional bikers.Bikers can go to the Serendipity Café and Catering in the nearby Grundy town for one of the best meals after their biking time. You will enjoy fantastic foods, including one of the best superb meals of Southwest Virginia served outside the comfort of your home.

7. Virginia Mountain Bike Trail

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Virginia Mountain Bike Trail

©bikepacking.com[/caption]If you like to dash through remote ridges and valleys with both double and single-track systems, then the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail may be the best choice for you. Many mountain bikers fantasize about quests like this because they can easily dash through one of Virginia's most vast Appalachians without being bothered by gazing eyes or other disturbances.Importantly, bikers can easily navigate the vast expanse of land by using a map guide. You will get through beautiful scenery such as the forest galore, farm country, and rocky ridges. This 480-mile expanse of land has various tasking ascents and descents, which will train your muscle along the trail path.The ultimate reward of the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail is the sight of Damascus, which is America's number 1 trail town. Bikers can discover this in one fell swoop; they can also share their journey into segments bringing the whole biking to a halt in their most favorite place. You can always relax in a hot spring, especially if there's one where you determine to end your biking journey.

8. Stokesville Lodge Campground Trails

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Stokesville Lodge Campground Trails

©mtbr[/caption]Stokesville Lodge Campground has a trail that many bikers can use — this trail extends across Shenandoah Mountain and Harrison's nearby Rocktown Trails. You will enjoy an excellent biking experience with different sightseeing views such as Shenandoah National Park, George Washington National Forest, Shenandoah Valley, and Shenandoah River.The Stokeville Campground facility spreads across about 143 acres just below Shenandoah Mountain. This base provides bikers easy access to several miles of trails; the Rocktown Trails have multi-level circuits with artificially made obstacles. The tracks in the George Washington National Forest provide you with wild rides across extended vales and steep ridges.You can also enjoy the 13-mile Lookout Mountain Loop, where you have a rocky riding experience with several elevation changes. The optimal lookout is the downhill run on the single-track system. If you dislike riding to the top of the mountain, you can easily be shuttled up and enjoy your ride down the slope. The nearby Pale Fire Brewing Company in Harrisonburg gives you one of the best and tasty locally brewed beers after your riding activity.

9. York River State Park

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York River State Park

©Terrain360[/caption]The York River State Park highlights the mountain biker trail network using 12-mile John Blair Trail. It has a multi-use Backbone Trail, which links the visitor center and trailhead. There are over 20 miles of tracks to trace on the York River State Park, which give maximum thrills to bikers across various levels.York River State Park trail system is a well-constructed and planned trail because it has different difficulty levels, which bring about the best sustainability and long-term features most bikers desire, especially bikers doing it for fun. You can always relax your muscle at the Alewerks Brewing Company in Williamsburg after the day's ride to enjoy their locally brewed beer in a comforting atmosphere.

10. Anglers Ridge

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Anglers Ridge

©Singletracks[/caption]Anglers Ridge presents one of Virginia's mountain biking trails in Piedmont slice. This ridge typically offers riders more than 600-foot elevation changes within its vertical variation. Additionally, bikers will experience regular obstacle challenges as they pedal along on the 35-mile trail network.Besides, this ridge connects to the Dan River by some run-up watery hollows running down the hillside. Although you will experience lesser trail flow, expect to enjoy the beautiful view of Piedmont and its quality picnic facilities, which offer top-notch service. You can head to the Two Witches Brewery and Winery — a favorite spot for after-biking activities.


Are you looking to experience the elation that comes with biking, especially if you so much desire to view various scenic views from several aerial positions? Or do you enjoy the natural beauty of the atmosphere within woody forests and green lands and the picturesque countryside trail tracks while biking? If yes, then the Virginia Mountain Biking Trails may be a point of call. You will enjoy great lodging opportunities provided by most of these biking facilities, and their various special restaurants will serve you one of the best meals.With its various steep ridges, rocky lands, and faunas, there is no doubt that you will enjoy a great biking experience whether you are just starting as a biker or you are already a professional. More interesting to note is that Virginia Mountain Biking Trails is one of the four IMBA-designated Ride Centers and is known as one of the award-winning trails in America. Quickly get on your biking wear and enjoy the breathtaking adventures associated with biking in the Virginia Mountains.